This tutorial covers setting up a Grove Indoor Environment Kit followed by connecting the devices to QIoT Suite Lite.

Setup your Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel Edison

1.1 What you will need

  • An Intel Edison board

  • Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel Edison

  • A Micro B to Type A USB cable

  • A power supply with at least 7-15V DC and 1500mA

  • A Wi-fi access pointThe Intel Edison and NAS must be under the same LAN.

1.2 Set up Intel Edison

If you have not set up your Intel Edison, follow these guides for your respective operating system.

1.3 Configure and test your devices

Step 1: Assemble the Intel Edison board
Step 2: Assemble the Indoor Environment Kit
Step 3: Connect the hardware

Use a 26AWG Grove Cable with the following connections:

Grove Modules Connected to
Temperature & Humidity Sensor I2C
Moisture Sensor A1
Light Sensor A2
UV Sensor A3
PIR Motion Sensor D7
Encoder D2
Button D8
LCD RGB Backlight I2C
Relay D4
Servo D6
Buzzer D5

The final device kit will be assembled similar to below image.

Step 4: Run setup tools
Use the setup tool to install the latest firmware on the Intel® Edison development board. The setup tool also lets you enable SSH and Wi-Fi* connectivity to your board, as described in the steps to follow.

Take a note of the Edison's IP address as it will be required later.

1.4 Install Node.js and required libraries

  • Open a terminal application on your computer and connect to Intel Edison.

  • Install Node.js and related libraries

root@Edison:~#  echo "src intel-iotdk" > /etc/opkg/intel-iotdk.conf
root@Edison:~# opkg update
root@Edison:~# opkg upgrade mraa upm
root@Edison:~# opkg install nodejs

Create your device in QIoT Suite Lite

2.1 Install QIoT Suite Lite

  • Install QIoT Suite Lite from the QTS App Center.

  • Open and sign in to QIoT Suite Lite using the admin account.

2.2 Import a new sample application

  • Download the sample application file: "iot_inbox.json" from Github.

  • Import the "iot_inbox.json" file in the IoT Application Panel.

  • Click the created application: iot_inbox

  • Connect a Device by MQTTS

  • Download Certificates

  • Download resource info file

2.3 Install sample code on Intel Edison

Use FileZilla to upload files to the Edison with the following connection information.

  • Host: <the IP address of the Edison>

  • Port: 22

  • Username: root

  • Password: <the password defined in the setup tools>

After connecting to the Edison,  upload these files to the destination folder:

  1. Downloaded certificate files → Edison_side/ssl/

  2. Downloaded resourceinfo file → Edison_side/res/

2.4 Run sample code on Intel Edison and connect to QIoT

  • On the Intel Edison, open a Terminal application.

  • Run the sample code you downloaded from Git.

root@Edison:~# cd ./Edison_side
root@Edison:~# npm install

Run in foreground mode:
root@Edison:~# node boot.js

Run in non-stop background mode:
root@Edison:~# sh

  • After a few seconds, the Edison will try to connect to QIoT by MQTTS. After clicking the button the connected message will display on your LCD component.

Interact with your device sensor using QIoT Suite Lite

3.1 Dashboard Visualization in QIoT Suite Lite

Go to the Dashboard in the IoT Applications screen. The dashboard displays the sensor status in real-time by rotating the encoder, clicking the button or measuring soil moisture.

3.2 Control your using the Rule Engine

The sample rule engine provides you with default action between sensors. See the Node-Red advanced dashboard to discover how to interact with your sensor.

  • Turn on/off the relay
    The relay light goes on when clicking the switch button.

  • Spin the Analog Servo
    Adjust the angle value to spin the Servo.

  • Play notes with the Buzzer
    Set and submit the value of volume and delay. The buzzer will play the notes.

  • Alarm on when the illumination is low
    The sample rule sets the buzzer to ring when the illumination value is lower than 10. You can cover the light sensor to lower the illumination value.


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