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Have you ever wanted to try the IoT field, but worried about the huge cost?

QNAP recently launched an extremely lightweight IoT microserver, QBoat Sunny, which can help you save the cost of bandwidth and cloud computing!

This article would let you deeply understand the advantages both hardware and software of QBoat Sunny, and 5 reasons why you should buy it.


Due to the single board IoT microserver, which is only 12 cm, QBoat Sunny attracted extensive attention worldwide since it launched. Meanwhile, the lightweight virtualized development service, Container Station and QIoT Suite Lite, can help user easy to manage all IoT applications, devices and data, and apply QBoat Sunny's high performance to a variety of IoT applications.


6 features of QBoat Sunny:

  1. QBoat Sunny supports 2200 and 2280 2 M key SATA SSDs, giving you the flexibility to choose storage capacity and make deploying QBoat Sunny easier. On a general development board, such as the Raspberry Pi or Arduino, it is rare to see such a way to store, which is a NAS-level storage management.[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3763,3764"]

  2. QBoat Sunny equips with USB 3.1 Gen 1 port and M.2 A key slot. It can use various USB Dongle or 2230 M.2 expansion cards to allow users to add a variety of wireless connectivity and connect more IoT devices. [gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3765,3766"]

  3. QBoat Sunny features a powerful AL-314 quad-core processor (with 2GB of memory) and a variety of hardware and software expansion features, allowing users to freely use a variety of IoT devices and applications, suitable for fog operations or eage computing server. Some NAS also use this CPU, and its I/O capability is quite good enough for the operation of the rule engine.[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3767"]

  4. The App Center of the QTS Lite provides a variety of developer tools that allow users to quickly create a smooth, efficient IoT work environment.[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3768"]

  5. The Container Station lightweight virtualization platform allows users to easily build their own IoT applications with Docker, allowing users to streamline IoT systems and centrally manage and use information in a matter of minutes.[gallery size="large" columns="1" ids="3769"]

  6. QIoT Suite Lite is QNAP's IoT development kit, based on the popular open source suites Node-RED and Freeboard, and offers a variety of practical modules for immediate adoption, speeding development and service processes, allowing users to quickly build ideals. The IoT situation.[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3770"]


Appearance Introduction

Open the box of QBoat Sunny, then you can see the single board IoT microserver. Besides,simple crews, tools and instruction are included. After simple assembled, you can start to use it

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3771,3772"]


At the four corners of the board, four screws are fastened to a silver and iron base. The base is also erected to the fence. The main purpose is to protect the QBoat Sunny, help dissipate heat and make it operate be more stable.

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3773"]


First look at this development board, you can see it uses the Annapurna Labs AL-314 processor, with 2GB of memory, and two M.2 SATA SSD 2260/2280 slots.

  QBoat Sunny has three Gigabit network RJ45 ports. Next to the RJ45, there are two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A ports, and one M.2 2230 slot for wireless module expansion. On the other side of the board, there is a red and a green socket that is responsible for the functions of Audio in and Audio out.

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3774"]

Hardware Spec:

  • CPU——Annapurna Labs AL-314 quad core

  • ARM Cortex-15 processor up to 1.7 GHz

  • System Memory——2GB DDR3L

  • Flash Memory——512MB NAND flash, 2x M.2 2260/2280 SATA slots for SSDs (Key M)

  • Drive Compatibility——3x Gigabit Ethernet

  • USB – 2x USB 3.1 Gen1 ports

  • Audio——5mm audio out, 3.5mm audio in

  • Expansion Devices

  • 1x M.2 Key A 2230 for Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

  • 40-pin Connector,for I2C, UART, SPI, SDIO, GPIO

  • Power Supply Unit——12V/3A

  • Dimensions (H x W x D)——5.67 x 4.96 x 1.32 inch / 144 x 126 x 33.5 mm(Heat Sink Included)

  • Weight—— 490 g

  • Operating Temperature & Relative Humidity——0 to 35˚C, 5 to 95%, non-condensing, wet bulb temperature: 27˚C

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3775"]

Why is QBoat Sunny expected by market?

Mainly because QBoat Sunny can connect to a variety of IoT development boards, devices and applications. Meanwhile, it can also be the servers for small/private IoT applications, and nodes or gateways for Fog computing in large/public IoT environments. in a nutshell, this high-performance IoT microserver can save users considerable bandwidth and cloud computing costs, and can be used in a variety of situations.

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3776"]

Unbox QBoat Sunny application 

Follow the steps of instruction, connect QBoat Sunny to the power supply, router, and download the Qfinder Pro program (for Windows, Mac, Linux) on your computer and log in.Then, you can use QBoat Sunny remotely.

  Let's take a look at the services provided by QBoat Sunny. The development board preloads QTS Lite, an operating system developed by QNAP. This operating system brings together the essence of QNAP's software development over the years, especially for IoT. There are 9 icons on the QTS Lite desktop, so let's briefly introduce you:

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3777"]


After clicking, you can mainly see the various states of the system to help you understand the operation of this QBoat Sunny. At the same time, you can set the login and access rights of different users in the "Authority" section.

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3778"]

2.File Station:

After entering, you can see all the files in the host, and you can also mount the cloud hard disk remotely.

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3779"]


This service can set QBoat Sunny as a private cloud and manage multiple devices remotely. If you do not connect the IoT device to some large cloud service, you can remotely manage it through this program.  

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3780"]

4.Help Center:

You can find help when you encounter difficulties with QBoat Sunny. In addition to description, you can also search for many resources on the Internet. There is also a support platform for QNAP support teams to solve user problems through the Help Center.

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3781"]

5.App Center:

You can download some extra functions here, or download the update files for the installed program. There are already some development platform programs in the App Center, such as Node.js, Perl, and Python, which can make IoT Maker show off and play it!

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3782"]

6.QTS SSL Certificate、CloudLink:

These two applications are mainly combined with the "myQNAPcloud Cloud Service" introduced earlier to make the construction of the private cloud more complete and complete.

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3783"]

7.Container Station:

It is one of the main features of this QBoat Sunny. If you have an IoT environment in operation, you can easily transfer your existing software package to QBoat Sunny through this virtual container software.

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3784"]

8.QIoT Suite Lite:

It is also one of QBoat Sunny's main applications. You must log in before using it and then you can see that it is an integrated interface that can be used to manage IoT applications, IoT devices, and the types of devices, as well as users. At first glance, it seems to be very easy to use, good to operate, use. There is also a "Quick Setup Wizard" to help users.

[gallery columns="1" size="large" ids="3785"]

Conclusion: 5 reasons to buy QBoat Sunny

  1. It’s light, sleek and powerful.

  2. The soft and hard interface is easy to operate and use.

  3. The application is functional and sustainable.

  4. Cloud applications are easy to use and to build private clouds.

  5. The IoT application is fully integrated and easy to build IoT devices; if you have a ready-made IoT device, you can easily import it through a virtual container.

 If you would like to deeply understand QBoat Sunny and QIoT Suite Lite, wacth this video:



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