The Harmony Public School Continues to Choose QNAP VioStor NVR for its Expanding Surveillance Deployment
Harmony Public School, a Texas-based non-profit organization, was established by a group of dedicated educators and university academicians. The school is high performing K-12 college preparatory charter school that focuses on math, science, engineering and computer technologies.

The school is a place where children can happily spend time learning and playing, as well as parents can be relieved to entrust their children. The safety of students is school’s responsibility, thus a well-deployed surveillance system is quite necessary. In order to monitor the multi-thousand square foot in a real-time basis, the Harmony Public School adopted QNAP® VioStor NVR surveillance system, the VS-8032U-RP, which can manage up to 32 channels of high definition IP cameras for total situation awareness. Later, the school was looking to expand its existing surveillance system and add 26 cameras to accommodate a new classroom wing on the 2nd and 3rd floors easily.

"When our customer called us with the idea of expanding onto the second floor, there was no question in our mind or theirs that we would be using VioStor NVR from QNAP Security. There were some obstacles at the beginning but none of them had to do with QNAP Security’s hardware or software," said Matt Wilson, integrator of A1 Security Cameras.

The Harmony Public School continued to choose QNAP VioStor NVR for its expansion project because of its simplicity, reliability, and quality. For the recently-completed construction of a new classroom wing on the 2nd and the 3rd floor, the school installed one unit of VS-6020 Pro, powered by Dual-core Intel® Atom™ processor, in a mechanical room on the 2nd floor to manage the newly added 20 IP cameras while the other new 6 IP cameras were managed by the existing VS-8032U-RP. The newly installed VS-6020 Pro is combined with the existing VS-8032U-RP by QNAP’s “Multi-server monitoring” feature, so that the VS-6020 Pro is able to monitor and record videos from the new cameras and also view from the existing NVR for total situation awareness at the school.
As the VioStor NVRs apply web-based administration interface, it allows the security administrator to utilize the web browser on any computer on campus and access the NVRs by IP address easily. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface makes it easy for the administrator master the system management. The simplicity is definitely one of the advantages appealing to the school.
The VMobile app introduces a mobile surveillance solution that makes video monitoring for the campus environment even more convenient. As the security administrators might not be able to always sit behind the computer screens, they can use their iOS® or Android™ devices installed with VMobile app to accomplish remote monitoring of IP cameras connected to the VioStor NVRs. Campus monitoring has become more real-time, and consequently the overall security for the students and staff is enhanced.
While the VioStor NVRs provide extensive compatibility with numerous brands of IP cameras and the support of latest camera technologies, the school can enjoy great flexibility to choose IP camera models based on function, preference or budget.

The Harmony Public School keeps its commitment to providing a safe school environment for the students and staff with the support of QNAP Security VioStor NVRs. Both the VS-8032U-RP and the VS-6020 Pro operate stably and reliably. Moreover, whenever the school needs relative consultation about surveillance deployment or technologies, its security administrator can always get quality assistance from QNAP Security’s knowledgeable and responsive support staff with proficient experience in the surveillance and networking industry.

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