Japanese Police Station Enhances Staff Security with QNAP Security Surveillance Solution
Japanese police station plays an important role in maintaining the security of the responsible districts. The core duty of the police officers is to regularly patrol around the beat to prevent crime and misdemeanor and so to safeguard people. Other duties include first aid service, emergency response, traffic directing, etc.

While the police officers protect people, the police officers themselves, likewise, need protection too. When they are on duty, countless people come and go around the buildings. Besides, important documents that are stored inside the police stations need to be kept safe. Most important of all, for the police officers who take the night shifts, they need proper measures to protect their safety when not many colleagues stay in the station to take care of one another. To enhance the total security of the police station, the need of a well-rounded surveillance measure raised.

After a thorough comparison among numerous surveillance system brands, the Japanese police station chose QNAP® Security as an ideal surveillance solution. A total of 200 units QNAP VioStor NVR VS-2004 Pro were deployed at 200 police stations around Tokyo and Osaka. Each police station installed one VS-2004 Pro and up to four AXIS P5514 IP cameras to monitor inside and outside surroundings.
The VS-2004 Pro delivers high quality performances that well support demands of the police stations. Powered by dual-core Intel© Atom™ processor, the VS-2004 Pro offers the ability to record megapixel images from multiple IP cameras or video servers. The user-friendly administration interface eases the operations of the surveillance system and improves efficiency on system management. The USB one-touch-copy function is especially useful as the backup tasks can be done without computers required. Staff could just plug in an external USB drive to the front-panel USB port and tap on the "Copy" button to instantly back up data from the VS-2004 Pro. The backup master of the police station could easily and conveniently finish backup task when necessary. Last but not least, QNAP VioStor NVR supports video recording from numerous well-known IP camera brands that offers great flexibility in the IP camera selection.
"As Japan is a country where cost of workforce is relatively high, the efficiency of a surveillance system counts for an important value," said Peter Ho, the country sales manager of QNAP Security. "For the Japanese police station which requires surveillance deployment at multiple branches, QNAP VioStor NVR features reliable stability and ease of management that effectively help save remarkable cost of time and human resource."

The unique features of QNAP VioStor NVR have brought out positive outcomes to the security of the Japanese police stations. The VS-2004 Pro provides video monitoring and recording to satisfy the needs of enhanced security measures. The police officers recognize the enhanced security and are relieved under the protection of QNAP VioStor NVR. Take the deployment of 200 units VS-2004 Pro as a whole, the easiness of system setup and routine management has carried out impressive value and cost-efficiency.

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