Japanese Mall Nakasu Syotengai Selects QNAP VioStor NVR for Remote Monitoring
One of the earliest malls in Kyushu, Japan-Nakasu Syotengai, attracts tourists and locals alike with kimono stores, authentic Japanese cuisine and traditional dolls. Festive banners brighten the atmosphere, where shoppers can visit apparel stores, restaurants and a post office.The bustling mall once suffered a robbery, with no identifiable images of the suspects from the outdated analog system. The shopping mall’s owner wanted an effective surveillance solution to capture crime scenes clearly, and to remotely monitor on mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.

SolutionAfter careful consideration, the mall owner selected a QNAP video monitoring and recording solution, VS-8040 VioStor NVR. The VS-8040 supports local display as well as remote monitoring through mobile devices with VMobile app. This enables up to two users to view footage from the NVR with an iPad.
QNAP VS-8040 VioStor NVR had full support for the 36 Panasonic megapixel cameras deployed, providing a clear view. The high-quality images offered operators a way to identify individuals throughout the mall.
Ease of use was another key factor that impressed the mall’s management level. The VioStor NVR supports one-touch backup, making data archiving simple. The NVR supports e-maps, enabling operators to locate the mall’s 36 cameras and identify problems in a timely manner.

After installing the QNAP VioStor NVR, the mall owner found the remote monitoring feature to be a significant advantage over their old system. “QNAP’s compact NVR and its ease of use made the installation simple and fast. Thanks to the solution delivering clear results, the customer would like install more QNAP equipment for many other shopping malls he owns,” Said Yasushi Nak, the senior managing director of R.O.D.
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