CNHow to use CNTK with QNAP Container Station

QNAP is heading to AI era, and start with the QuAI - QNAP AI starter kit for developer. Let's see how it work with CNTK.

What is CNTK
  • The Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit - CNTK - is a unified deep-learning toolkit by Microsoft.

  • You may directly use Container Station' s web interface to create this framework or command-line

Installation Instructions

Please follow following steps to install CNTK framework container on QNAP NAS.
  1. Open Container station and click on "Create Container".
  2. Search for keyword "CNTK" and locate CNTK container under 'AI' tab. Click "Install".

  1. Specify container name and keep rest of the parameters as it is.

  1. In  Advanced Settings >  Device, choose "Use GPU resource to run container"

  1. If you would like to mount any specific NAS folder to this container, you may follow this step. This is optional. In this example, we are trying to mount "Public" folder to this container.

  1. Finally click on "Create" button and the container will be successfully created and it will be shown in overview section.

  1. Now your CNTK framework is successfully setup on QNAP NAS. You may access this container using the terminal or ssh and continue to build and train your own DL model.

Suggested Reading

Checkout the CNTK Project site for more details like:


if any question, please reply msg, let's discuss how to use QNAP NAS for create AI application !


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